Live Fire Shooting Match Registration

Please bring your own firearm(s) (PISTOLS ONLY)

Please bring a holster for your firearm

Please bring your own ammo, and some extra to share for Marines, associates, and spouses that don’t have firearms and will want to shoot.

Please bring your own magazines for your firearms, make sure they are within the state law for capacity.

You must transport your weapon in accordance with Massachusetts laws.

The hotel we are staying at does not have safes in the room, you will need to be able to store your firearm safely and properly prior to and after the shoot.


You must submit with this registration form if you’re bringing your personal firearm(s) a copy of your LTC and or FID Card. If you do not submit a copy of this you will not be allowed to shoot!

If you want to shoot and don’t own a firearm you do not need to submit a copy of a LTC/FID card.


If you don’t own a firearm and want to shoot, please keep in mind ammo is not cheap, Marines might bring extra ammo, they might not, and they might want to be compensated for spent rounds.


Handguns: Under an LTC, the holder is allowed to transport a loaded or unloaded handgun on his person or in a motor vehicle if the handgun is under his direct control. If the handgun is not under his direct control or is left unattended, it must be unloaded and in a locked case, locked trunk, or other secure container.


The laws for transporting a firearm can be confusing. Basically, if you keep the firearm unloaded, and locked in a case in the trunk or rear storage compartment of a truck or SUV you will comply with the current law.


All guns must be stored in a locked container or equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other safety device. Primitive firearms are exempt from this storage requirement. It is recommended that you store firearms unloaded, separately from ammunition, in locked compartments.

How many are shooting?*

I am planning on shooting (Pistol)*

I am going to provide a copy of my LTC

I am bringing my own ammo*

I am going to provide a copy of my LTC

I am bringing extra ammo for others*

I do NOT own a firearm- but want to shoot*

I will provide a copy of my LTC

copy of your LTC needs to be provided to

Acknowledgment *

I understand that if I do not provide a copy of my LTC, I will NOT be able to shoot.

You will be asked to submit any payments on the next page.

Please review what you entered before you click the Submit button.