Past Department Commandant & Web Sergeant Brian Brooks

My name is Brian Brooks. I graduated from Parris Island, MCT, and Field Artillery School in Fort Sill Oklahoma. I then was assigned to Bravo Battery 1/10, however shortly afterwards joining them I had the chance to volunteer to deploy with Lima 3/10 to Ramadi Iraq as provisional infantry in 2004 / 2005. After that deployment there were no units to go back to in 1/10 at the time so I spent a very boring 4 months in s4 while waiting for a unit to go back to. Fortunately, Alpha 1/10 came back from deployment and I was able to join them for a workup to return to Iraq. I later deployed with them to Al Taqaddum Iraq as convoy security 2006 / 2007 as a Humvee Turret Gunner. After I returned from Iraq we received new Marines, and I took part in training them for a tour to Afghanistan. It turned out I was due to end my enlistement before they deployed, so I extended my enlistment in order to go with them. We deployed to Helmand Province Afghanistan as artillery attached to BLT 1/6 & the 24th MEU in 2008. I was Honorably Discharged as a Corporal and a short time later promoted to Sergeant in the IRR.
I joined the Oak Ridge Detachment in 2008 shortly after I exited the Marine Corps, and have served as Junior Vice Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, and Commandant. I enjoy the camaraderie of being around fellow Marines and Veterans in general. I consider myself "A Detachment Marine" first and foremost.
I began attending the Department of Massachusetts meetings in 2017 after the State Convention at the suggestion of NJA Dave Porter and PNC Jim Laskey. For the Department of Massachusetts, I have served as the Sergeant at Arms, Judge Advocate, Junior Vice, Senior Vice and Department Commandant. I have now transitioned into becoming an actively particpating Junior Past Commandant.
I have accepted appointment of New England Division Public Relations Officer and Division Web Sergeant by NVC Pat Maguire around November of 2023.
I am 100% about furthering the best interests of the Marine Corps League and ensuring it's goals are met well into the future.