Department Paymaster Bernie Heaney


Bernie Heaney spent a little over five years in the Corps as a heavy equipment operator in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Pioneer Battalions at Pendleton, Lejeune, and Camp Koza in Okinawa. He also did a tour with the 1st Marine Air Wing with a helicopter squadron in Okinawa at Fatima Air Base.

Bernie then served on a “Floating Battalion” [equivalent to a Med Cruise] in the Pacific, during which they floated off the coast of South Vietnam for two weeks prepared to go up river and support an American air base that was helping in Laos. At that time the American death toll was about 50 in Laos and the Vietnam War had not started. Bernie was Honorably Discharged in late November of 1963.

Bernie served as the Department of Massachusetts Commandant from 2011-2012, Pequoig Detachment Commandant 2006-2008, New England Division Compliance Officer 2015-present, New England Division Paymaster 2008-2012, Department Paymaster 2008 & 2021-present, Department Inspector General 2010-2014, Convention Chairman 2015-2017, North Central Paymaster 2002-2011, Pequoig Adjutant 2009-present, Newsletter Editor 2005-present, and in 2005-2006 a Private in the U.States 1812 Marine Guard on board the USS Constitution.