League Scholarship Programs (3 files)

National Marine Corps League Guidelines for 2022

Increase in qualifying Grade Point Average. The required GPA is now 3.3, or higher, on a 4.0 scale. This is an increase from the previous 3.0 requirement. Paid Life Members may record only their PLM Number. Previously, PLM members were required to record both their PLM number and their regular member number. Now only the PLM # is required. All other members are still required to record their member number and their dues expiration date. Without this number and the expiration date, the application will not be accepted. Reminders High School students: Do not submit your application until you have received your final high school transcript which indicates your graduation from high school and your final GPA. All Applicants: Original signatures are required of the applicant, sponsor, and officers who approve the application. Copies or electronic signatures are not acceptable. Student Data Sheet: The Student Data Sheet will be posted on the League website & Library after the preliminary selection of accepted applications is made. That form is used to provide detailed information so that we can send the scholarship award checks to the proper department at the school. Don’t forget the final requirement: For those who are selected for the scholarship award, you must submit a Confirmation of Enrollment as a full-time student from the school. Reminders to submit this confirmation will not be sent. Without the confirmation, you will not receive the award. Details for submission of this confirmation will be provided to those successful applicants when the preliminary list is posted on the League website.  All email communications for the National Scholarship Program should be sent to scholarship@mcleague.org

Application Forms